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RailsConf talk: Rails Takes on the Enterprise with SOA - Joe O'Brien

  • Have you read any books on Service Oriented Architectures (SOA). Yeah? Well forget everything
  • Some applications really need to be big.
  • Just because rails allows you to do things ten times faster doesn’t mean you need to do ten times more. Do the important things better.
  • SOA is not a new idea, but our era of developers may have lost the art of making applications that communicate with each other.
  • SOA is about boundaries – discovering the logical separations between various parts of the business.
  • Must have well-defined interfaces.
  • XML is not the root of all evil.
  • Do not expose your privates (in reference to xml dtd’s of course)
  • Asyncronous messaging is certainly an option when trying to improve the user experience.