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RubyConf talk: Nathaniel Talbott: Why Camping Matters

Dude, Talbott, has actually spoken at all seven ruby conferences – damn dude. He gave love to why, and started live coding a blog in camping: creating posts, viewing posts, adding comments – good stuff.

Now, breaking some eggs

Contrasting camping with rails:

  • rails favors convention over configuration, but camping has no configuration.
  • rails is boring (david said so); camping is zesty
  • rails encourages conformance; camping encourages experimentation

Dude got all sales and marketing-centric, and realized while hacking one day that feeding his creative side is incredibly important. Regular, varied and appealing tasks are what we need – if we learn something new at every turn, no matter how small, we will be happier and more productive.

Talked Rubyconf vs. Railsconf:

  • hobbyists at rubyconf, professionals at railsconf
  • generalists in ruby, focus in rails
  • vitality from ruby, momentum from rails

Thanks for coming; now help out our ruby community – go hack something!