This is a partial dictionary of my vocabulary. The origins of most of the words can be traced to Nate Hoffer.

Barkin’ (adj) deprecated - Used to describe someone who needs a haircut. “Thaddeus is really barkin’.”

Bounce (v) - To move from one’s current location. “This is mad ghetto. Are you trying to bounce?”

Bredren (n) - One(1) homie or a group of homies with which one holds a certain connection. “Bredren! It’s love.”

Call [someone] Out (v) - Usually used to verbally acknowledge a negative attribute in someone or a faulty judgment one has made. “That coach was talking so much smack to the ref that he had to be called out hardcore.”

Cash (v) - To consume the remainder of something. “We cashed that soup lovely.”

Down (adj) - State of being willing and ready. “I’m always down.”

Go Ahead (interj) - Brings attention to an extraordinary (or ordinary) event. “Go ahead we beat the first seed soccer team.”

Hard up (adj) - Classifies the object as questionable, difficult, or undesirable. “No purchases during hard up week? That’s hard up.”

Hate (v) - To talk to someone in a way that does not allow anyone to keep it real. The intent may be an attack or it may be the result of a well-intentioned call out gone awry. “That’s Jenner’s good being the original hater.”

Hit (n) - A large sum of something which has just been acquired from a dumpster. “Dude, this is the ill pastry hit.”

Hot (adj) - Describes something in a general positive manner. “That’s so hot that the black bike found its way home.”

Hot Guy (n) - 1. One who is associated in any way with an attractive female 2. One at whom someone is pointing (especially through a window). “This hot guy!”

Ill (adj) - Used to point out when someone does or says something that is cruel and mean. “Man. Saying that stuff about my mom was pretty ill.” If preceded by “the”, the meaning is reversed and becomes positive. “That really was the ill idea to start a band.”

Is it true? (interj) - Used to inquire about the physical, spiritual and emotional state of another, otherwise, “are you alright or what?” “Is it true? It’s true.”

Keep It Real (v) - To go to pains to have a legitimate, truthful, and meaningful exchange. If the terminology is used, however, these conditions are usually not being met. “Bein’ real don’t appeal to the brother in you.”

Love (interj) - Shows that something meets your approval. “Mad love to that hacky sack from Wilderness Voyagers. Love.”

Lovely (adv) - Used to indicate that an action had been executed to near perfection. Used after the object being modified. “He got punked so lovely.”

Mad (adv) - Used to indicate that something is true to a great extent. Used in the same way as ‘very’ or ‘really’ before the object being modified. “Mutombo is mad tall.”

My Bad (interj) - Used to apologize, or fake an apology, regarding something one may or may not have any control over. “My bad, I didn’t realize someone was in the shower.” Occasionally used with someone else’s name in place of “my.” “That rice and cream of mushroom concoction was Pantz’s bad.”

Oh dip (interj) - An exclamation of surprise. “Oh dip, One Time just punched that guy in the face!”

On Point (adj) - Working on all four cylinders. Being in a state of absolute mental preparedness. “Man, that 15 minute speech of mine went for over an hour and everyone was down. It was unbelievable. I was mad on point.”

Peace (interj) - Standard usage when leaving someone’s company. “Peace dogg. I’ll check you out later.” (v) The act of leaving the company of someone. “Are you about to peace man? Alright, check you out.”

Probably (adv) - Used in the traditional sense but is additionally used before a phrase to indicate absolutely no doubt. “I probably had dreads ever since high school. That’s your good, they’re probably mad hot.”

Punk (v) - The act of putting someone down or in one’s place (Often rightfully so). “Someone really needed to punk homie for making up that story about Sarah.”

Respect (interj) - Conversational opening or closing used to acknowledge the importance of each of the conversation’s participants. “It’s been true reasoning with you for a minute. Respect.”

Represent (v) - To do something (often positive). “Someone’s gotta represent. It’s good to see this guy representing proper.”

Rock (v) - To wear. “It’s good to see AK rocking his ice.”

Roll (v) - To go. “Hey, trying to roll?”

Sack up (v) - To overcome one’s self-inhibitions and perform an essential action. “That was Schrock’s good sacking up.”

Sick (adj) - Used to indicate that something is commendable. “That was a sick pull-up jump shot.”

Show off (v) - To do anything that can be looked on favorably. “Rok is totally showing off rocking his new jacket.”

Smack (n) - That which is talked - the substance, truthfulness, or certainty of which is often questionable. “These girls are always talking smack about asking someone out. Yeah, it won’t happen.”

Strait (adj) - A state of contentment, having all needs satisfied. “No thanks, I don’t need a blanket, I’m strait.” Also used to indicate that something is good or enjoyable. “I had a pretty strait weekend.”

This (adj) - Used to emphasize which completely generic thing one is referring to. A prior or contextual understanding needs to occur. “So I’ve seen you hanging out with this girl a lot recently, eh?”

Tighten up (interj) - Used to urge a person to snap back to reality or corect something about himself. “Tighten up man - you know dude doesn’t get down with people talking about his sister.”

True / True that (interj) - Yes, okay, I agree. These can be used any time that you are on the same page as someone else. “Oh, True that. That 20 page paper really was a pain.”

Try (v) - To want to do something. Often used to extend an invitation. “Are you trying to set on the porch for a minute?” The ‘ing form can also be inserted before a verb to add absolutely no meaning to the sentence. “Where’s Teeter trying to be? He’s trying to have gone to Alabama” can be understood as “Where is Teeter? He went to Alabama.”
Wagwann (interj) - Standard greeting or query. Otherwise, “What’s going on?” “Homies, it’s been a minute. Wagwann?”
Wax (v) - To beat or triumph over something (otherwise the universal verb). “We really waxed Bridgewater in tennis yesterday.” (the sound effect is ’fffffft’ and the sign language equivalent is a forward hand motion)

Word (interj) - Standard usage when greeting someone. Also gives approval to or inquires further into a previous statement. “I was just kicking it. Word. With this girl. Word?”

Your Good (interj) (see also My Bad) - Used to bring attention to a presumably positive character trait or action one may or may not have any control over. “That’s your good man.” “What’s that?” “Not too sure, but it’s definitely your good.”

Other overused phrases

It’s a struggle, Apparently, It’s hard to say (right?), Not too sure, Interesting, Representizzie for the hizzie, Don’t worry about it, Is it true?, It seems likely, Ah yes.