“Much of what I was going to say has already been said.”

  • I’ve been presenting talks like these for ten years.
  • I did tomcat. How many people have used that? (almost everyone raises their hand)
  • When I wrote ant on an airplane, I didn’t really think it would be around for this long. It just goes to show that things need to be designed well up-front, because they just might end up hanging around even if they aren’t.
  • EJB’s came from vendors selling software that seemed like it should work. Rails was extracted from a hot application that already worked.


  • You can do cool things like posting to an rss feed for each of your deployments.
  • You should control the whole environment to which you are deploying.

Deadly mines

  • Watch out for personal data in log files.
  • Think about open database sockets.
  • Guard file permissions


  • We need to use http as a pipe. It worked for unix.
  • Mongrel is pretty hot.