As it turns out, it’s not the greatest idea to store your personal documents on a company computer. I was talking with some of my workmates over dinner the other day about what happens in the moments immediately after you get canned.

In many cases, there really isn’t any chance to salvage personal documents from your company computer, cover up frivolous instant messenger logs, or any of the other things that you would likely do given 15 minutes at your computer. I guess the reasoning is that fired (and therefore disgruntled) tech workers, rather than doing something useful, would prefer to delete all of the company’s code or bring down the corporate website for a while. No comment.

Now it’s not that I’m planning to get fired this week, but one may as well take any obvious precautions and follow standard best practices. So I rolled on over to lifehacker to find myself an online backup solution; I ended up settling on mozy.

It’s been a delight as I’ve gotten into it for the past 24 hours or so. This mozy link does include a referral code that will get you (and me, wink ) an extra 256MB on top of the free 2GB.

It’s a bit ridiculous that this is the way I was finally convinced to back up my documents, but the end justifies the means I suppose. So if I do happen to get fired this week, I’ll now be happy as a clam, at least as far as having access to my personal documents is concerned.