Language matters or not?

Twitter made a 1000% performance gain with mysql, solaris, and dtrace. No language change. So if many languages provide similar feature-sets, what is the difference?


Python believes in a “one true way,” while ruby believes in diversity.

Ruby is doing well - Martin Fowler of thoughtworks was telling me that ruby is making his life difficult, since if thoughtworks employees can’t use it, they quit. :) And that seems great, since there is business value in fun; after all, there is lots of gain in programmer productivity based on enthusiasm.

Ruby 1.9:

  • Major incompatibilities include encoding jank and block argument restrictions
  • Minor incompatibilities abound, including File.exists? [which some guy had asked about the previous night]
  • Lots of new features - he showed off external iterators

Languages (and empires) go through cycles:

  • Humble beginning
  • Success
  • Pride
  • Conflict/War
  • Drop to nothing

Ruby is somewhere between success and pride, so at least we know where we’re headed. :) We will eventually go enterprisey to please the “suit people” - yeah, I know, I don’t want to either. :)

We’ve got such an awesome, nice, smart community. Let’s change the world!